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  PR Practice – an Overview
The increasing demand for professionally delivered PR services coupled with new communication technologies have made PR practice truly multifaceted. It involves communicating with target markets via traditional and online media, blogs, Webinars, and events.

Helping the client consolidate key messages. Every engagement begins with the creation of a communications plan specific   to the client's communication objectives. The communications plan services to guide the overall direction of the campaign,  assuring the communications are on target.

Building the client's public image. We work to increase overall awareness and critical recall of the client's brand by developing compelling content and distributing it to the target market via traditional and non-traditional communication channels.

Reaching the target publics. The principal benefit of the proliferation of communication channels is that it is possible to communicate to highly defined target markets. We work with our clients to assure high return on investment by communication with people who count.

Providing value-added consulting services. Our experience in branding provides clients valuable insights into strengthening their brands by clearly defining core and extended identity, and leveraging identity to create a value proposition that clearly resonates with clients.

Building relationships within communication channels. To assure that your message is effectively communicated, W5 works closely with all communication channels: traditional and non-traditional media, online content providers, and conference and event organizers.
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